Friday, 25 September 2009

Anti-Slavery International Director Sends Letter of Support

It is all happening!

This week has seen several newspaper articles printed as well as our first radio interview (audio to come soon).

One of the charities we are supporting is Anti-Slavery International which was founded in 1839 by Thomas Clarkson and other abolitionists, making it the first ever International Human rights Organization.

Their director, Aiden McQuade, was on a long train journey and thought of writing a message for us and here it is...

“While everyone must be in awe of the sheer physical challenge of the task that Peter and his team mates have set themselves, even more impressive is that Peter is deploying his courage in solidarity with the millions of people in slavery across the world.

Peter will be raising awareness of the struggle for freedom by bonded labourers in South Asia, the efforts of domestic workers to obtain legal protection around the world, and the demands for education by the millions of children forced to work against their will. What he is doing should echo across all the oceans and shame the leaders whose inactions maintain such injustices.”
Aiden McQuade

Wow, I'll certainly find motivation from those words when the going gets tough.

Please, remember... This project benefits from monetary or time/talent contributions. We are actively looking for sponsorship and donations from companies and individuals to help fund the project and raise money for our charities. Every £5.00 means 1 mile further across the ocean. Donations of goods and services are also very welcome.

Join our Facebook group, follow us on Twitter, and please help us spread the word! Any contribution of any size in whatever form would be very appreciated!
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