Friday, 18 December 2009

The exception to the rule

A series of storms sweeping their way across the Atlantic has meant that we have been unable to depart. Even the saltiest of sea dogs has been scratching his briny beard at this unseasonal weather. We chose our departure date specifically because it was not storm season and fair weather would be likely, but alas there is always an exception to the rule.
We do have some of the world´s finest weather routers at out disposal and indications are that the nasty low pressures systems should cease inbetween christmas and the new year. With this in mind we have a new provisional start date of the 29th December.
With the continuence of a delay such as this many of the crew members were forced to face the insidious pressures of the ´real world´. This has resulted in several earnest and lugubrious crew discussions about finacial implications, deadlines and worst case scenarios. We have decided on leaving Gomera to reconvene after christmas and I believe that most of the issues have been contained and so long as we do leave this year, it will be with the original crew intact and happy!

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