Tuesday, 8 December 2009

Sun, Seasickness and Anticlimax

After heading back to the UK for my brothers wedding (congrats!) and to fulfill ADR(additional dialogue recording) committments for a film I shot earlier this year, I am now back in the Canaries with the crew. We went out for our first row here and I was in the off watch (those not rowing) to start. I was stuck in the cabin feeling a little queezy and before long was on deck vomiting into a bucket. Not a good start. I should say though I probably would´ve been sick if I stayed on land- shots at the previous nights Tropical party definately to blame! That didnt stop me jumping on and rowing when the watches swapped round, so atleast i didnt let the crew down. The next days trip went very well and we reached a speed of 5.6knts.
However since then things have very much slowed. We had a problem with our water maker and the only option was to fly out a spare part which wouldnt arrive till tuesday, meaning a likely departure date would be thursday 10th, 4 days later than planned. However to make things worse, we have just had some bad news on the weather front which has frustrated people no end, resulting in us probably having to sit tight until the 16th. Theres not really any work I can do on the boat and as the weather worsens we wont even be able to have practice rows, so hanging around is the order of the day. There´s nothing worse than doing nothing, what an anticlimax.
That said with expeditions there is always the chance of delays, so although i´m dissapointed its a case of just accepting it really. In the grand scheme of things a 10 day wait isnt the end of the world, the show must go on! And atleast the sun is shining. For now..

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  1. Hi Peter. Thanks for the update - it's just about the only source of info. Hope the delay hasn't caused too much frustration. Glad to hear wedding was a success. Keep the blogs coming! Best wishes to the crew. Colin B