Saturday, 6 February 2010

Land Ahoy!

Peter Gadiot is Going to Barbados!

With less than 500 miles to row, everyone is getting excited.

The rowers have the incentive of reaching land as fast as possible and so are filled with the energy one can get on the home stretch.

Recently, they had some scary times when their water maker broke. A few hours later though and they got it working again. One bit of drama over. Water is still rationed, however, as the water maker works with solar power (by desalinating sea water) and there have been plenty of clouds of late.

The ideal sea conditions for ocean rowing are to have a certain amount of surf to help push the boat in the right direction. Sometimes the waves are quite high and other times, the sea is so "flat" that is like rowing in soup.

Here is some info from the experts:

“While an imposing 5 or 6-metre high wall of water sounds terrifying, due to the small size and light weight of the boat, they simply ride up over the waves with their immense buoyancy. Sometimes it can be a harrowing position, with a wall of water racing towards the boat, but with each wave that progresses towards the boat, she will happily sit on top of the ocean. The ‘bad’ waves are the ones that break just before the boat. These waves will cover the deck in sea water, and promptly throw the boat and her crew around the cabins briefly.

There have been cases in the past where a wave may roll the boat and capsize her (these are generally waves hitting the beam), but then the aggressive self righting capabilities come into their own to ensure a crew's safety.” Woodvale

Peter's highlights in the past few days have been the best sunsets ever, beautiful dolphins and the news that he has become an uncle as his brother, Omar, and his wife, Siobhan, have become proud parents of a lovely baby boy.

So while all of that is happening at sea, here on dry land we are making preparations for the welcoming drinks, party and flying to Barbados. (I know, hard work but someone has to do it!)

Peter and the Ragainst Slavery team (each of the other crew members have their own chosen charities) will be setting up some visits at schools and other public places in Barbados. We are already coordinating with other Human Rights groups to increase public awareness of the problems of modern-day slavery.

As they say ... no rest for the wicked!

See where Britannia III is right now!

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