Tuesday, 9 February 2010

Nearly there!


It is all happening!

I arrived in Barbados yesterday to prepare for Peter's arrival. The main focus has been in raising awareness of modern-day slavery by informing people trhough the media and personal introductions about these issues. I have found many people in Barbados very receptive and willing to learn and help to end slavery.

Early this afternoon, we had a meeting regarding the rowing. We were told that there are less than 60 miles left to row!! Britannia lll is expected to arrive on the 11th Feb in the afternoon. They have been doing 60 to 70 miles per day, but the last 2 days or so, their speed decreased and yesterday they only made 37 miles. This is why.... As they get closer to land, local conditions, sea-bed depth, tide and current has a far bigger effect on the boat than in the middle of the ocean. It could be described as the hardest part of the crossing and is the reason why 2 crews in the Indian ocean last year were towed to land having crossed the line of longitude that marked the finish. Having said that, Britannia lll should make land on Thursday 11 February, possibly late afternoon. (Info from Woodvale).

Their water maker broke down again! But once more, they managed to fix it and they are on their way!

Next blog should be about their safe landing. So, watch this space!


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