Saturday, 28 November 2009

La Gomera!

So I have spent the last week in the Canary islands preparing the boat along with my fellow crew of the Brittania III. The weather and atmosphere is great. As I was arriving to the island I saw the Atlantic stretching out before me and was filled with a huge sense of anticipation and adventure. To think i'd be heading out there into the distance in just a little boat with no sails or motor.
Back in the docks we had lots of jobs to do such as preparing loads of food, padding, cleaning and trimming the boat, sorting the gearing of the oars, painting, putting landyards on just about everything..the list goes on! It feels good to finally be out here after what seemed like a long and often trying gestation period. Its actually about to happen! Thanks to those companies who donated goods to the project, much appreciated. PG

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