Thursday, 7 January 2010

On your boat...get set... row!


Peter Gadiot and crew of Britannia III on a practice row just before Christmas

After frustrating delays of almost a month, Peter and the crew left the Canary Isles at 5:30 A.M. on January 4th, 2010 on board Britannia III, heading for Antigua.

The first 46 hours or so, it looked as if they were going “the wrong way” and very slowly. But their priority was to clear the islands and get the boat into a position to make best use of trade winds and currents. So the best way to go was south. Within 11 hours they had cleared La Gomera.

During the trials, Peter was getting very seasick and I dread to think how he is feeling now. He was taking seasick tablets, but I doubt if he can keep them down. I have been told that even the most experienced rowers get very sick due to the motion and nerves in the first few days. Fingers crossed he will be fine soon!

Just before leaving, Peter asked me to thank every one who has helped on this project, so far, with donations, nutrition, services, encouragement etc.

Some of you might know that while they were waiting to have a window of good weather in order to depart, instead of spending time at home during the Christmas holidays putting on more weight (needed for the row) with lovely minced pies and cream, Peter flew to Mexico to help the volunteers of an anti-slavery, anti-human trafficking project there.

So, please, do remember why he is doing this “mad journey” and help us to do more. Here are some suggestions:
  1. Keep yourself and others informed on this issue; it is the fastest growing illegal industry affecting a great number of people (and not only in the underdeveloped countries). A simple.. 'Did you know that slavery still exists?' is a good start.
  2. Invite others to follow us on Facebook, Twitter, our blog, YouTube or e-mail. We will keep you informed on this issue. At the moment, the fastest way has been sending links and news on Twitter, but I will try to send a newsletter and keep Facebook updated.
  3. If you can give a donation or hold a fund-raising event, it would be great! The funds go directly to help the campaign. Anything counts!
  4. If you would like to help by writing blog posts, the newsletter, proof reading, doing research, updating the website, etc. - i.e. anything that helps to get the message against slavery out there would be much appreciated.
  5. Continue to support us by checking the blog regularly, reading our tweets, and leaving comments, tweets and retweets of support and encouragement to Peter (it really does help!)
Many thanks...!

Until the next blog post!


See Peter Gadiot's current position in real time:


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