Friday, 8 January 2010

Rowing Against Slavery Update


By now they should be settling into a routine; dealing with sores and seasickness, a daily chore.

Last Tuesday and Wednesday (5 & 6 Jan) were cold, dark, rainy and very windy - just like home really! (U.K.) But inside the tiny cabin where the rowers sleep, it's going to be hot and sticky.

They are still rowing south which must seem a bit disheartening for them, but it is all part of the “cunning plan”. Very soon, the winds will become northerly and then north-easterly, helping them move faster.

They are covering just over 70 nautical miles a day but they need to speed up to an average of 84 nm/day to break the current Atlantic crossing world record (33 days).

If a boat has to be recovered (i.e. rescued), it usually happens within the first 48 hours. So far, so good!

So there you are, the pain (I mean plain!) facts!

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