Wednesday, 13 January 2010

Phone call from the middle of the ocean

Peter phoned on Sunday afternoon (10 Jan). It was incredible for me to be able to hear his voice and the sound of waves in the background.

As suspected, he had been quite seasick for the first few days, unable to keep anything down. The lack of sleep and strenuous rowing did not help either, and he was feeling rather weak and exhausted but he is doing better. He is monitoring his back as it is really painful and so is his behind!

They have seen whales spouting, sea turtles, dolphins, birds (that far from the shore?!) and of course lots of fish! 
He mentioned that it is a bit difficult to keep a sense of time and space with just miles and miles of ocean all around them.

They have had some "exciting" moments such as when the tiny cabin where they rest (see videos below) was flooded by huge waves. Unfortunately, Peter was in "the coffin" which is the part of the boat under the floor so he got completely drenched - not much fun! It has taken them days to dry it! Pete says that by the time they get the cabin ready for them to rest, it is almost not worth it.

Britannia III sleeping quarters

 Tour of Britannia III

They have been at sea for 10 days and they have been making very good progress. Today they recorded 74 nm of Distance Made Good which is their best yet.

Overall, Peter sounded in really good spirits and his main complaint was how expensive phone-calls from the middle of the ocean are!

See where Peter Gadiot is right now!

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  1. Simply amazing! Following yout progress from Athens, Greece.